About Us

About Us

Our Company Ambe Learning Private Limited was incorporated on 30th March 2011under the Companies Act 1956. Promoted by me (Bahadur Singh Shekhawat) and my wife, Kiran Shekhawat.

We are Service Providers for Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (https://www.rkcl.in/), LSP in Emitra Project (https://emitra.rajasthan.gov.in/content/emitra/en/home.html)

Currently we have -More than 650 ITGK’s of Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL) across the state of Rajasthan with 50,000 to 1,00,000 enrolments yearly. And around 350 Emitra Kiosks.

As Service Providers our primary responsibility is to develop business by

1 Developing Network of ITGK (Information Technology Gyan Kendra) and Kiosks: Exploring and identifying potential parties. Helping them understand the project, motivating them to join in, recommending to RKCL/RISL and getting approved. Once approved ITGK/Kiosk signup and orientation is also done by us.

2 Business Development: Encouraging and helping them in maximizing enrollments/transactions. Support and guidance in understanding and taking full benefit of different schemes/services.

Our Journey in IT

We started our Journey in IT from my home town Sikar(Rajasthan) with Aptech as it’s Franchisee, a Computer Education Centre in 1997. In 2000 came the opportunity of Rajasthan College Project 2000-2009 Wherein we started with a single college in my hometown Sikar, by the end of the project I was coordinating the whole project – All Govt Colleges in Rajasthan and both the Companies Aptech and IEC.

Educomp: Assisted them as consultant in providing Faculties overall management and collections from 126 Govt Colleges of Rajasthan 2009-10, 2013-2014

All this was done under the banner of Kaybee Electronics, my proprietorship firm, with Kiran in the background, it was selected as Programme Support Agency (PSA) of Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL) in 2008. This business was later transferred to the current Limited Company.

Emitra & Aadhaar: We entered in these projects in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

RKCL DPC : Out of the ten companies working as PSA we were selected to work as Data Processing Centre for RKCL completed three recruitment projects, done all the back office activities of nearly 40,000 applicants successfully.

. In these twenty five years of doing succrssful IT Business we have learnt a lot, about starting afresh, learning different aspects of IT business, building network, maintaining and supporting it over the years

During this period we have been involved in all the aspects of IT business, extensively travelled across the state, developed good business relationship and personal repo with large number of entrepreneurs that has taught us how to help people in beginning afresh, run it profitably and grow further.

Over these years our business processes have been evolving with the introduction of Mobile devices to the current highly powerful mobile devices. We have been fast in adapting to the technology advancements to benefit us and our network of entrepreneurs.